A quick Q&A with Rockville's Tango Ncetezo

Tango Ncetezo, aka ''Peggy" on Rockville, gives us a glimpse of her life as an actress.

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Tango Ncetezo

She plays the vivacious character of Peggy on Rockville. Actress Tango Ncetezo has caught many people's attention, not only because of her beauty, but also because of her phenomenal acting.

The first episode of Rockville's fourth season was met with positive feedback from viewers, partially because it was Tango's hilarious attitude that kept us glued to our screens.

ZAlebs caught up with the actress for a quick Q&A about her character and the show's fourth season.

Tell us about the day you auditioned for Rockville. How intense was it?

I had always wanted to be on Rockville from the first season and when I received the call to come and audition, I was extremely excited. On the day of the audition, I was a ball of nerves as I had never played such an excessive character, that was very comfortable in her sexiness and made no excuses about it. It was a challenging and exciting audition that will forever be entrenched in my mind.

Who is the most serious and most funniest person on set?

The funniest person has to be Mbali Mlotshwa! She is hilarious. She and I would make jokes all day. I don't believe there is a serious person on set, we all just laugh and have fun.

How similar are you to your character Peggy?

Tango Ncetezo

Peggy and I don't have any similarities. She is quite the opposite of who I am. I am an introvert and private.

What is it about Rockville that makes people love it so much?

It is authentic and honest in the story it tells. It respects the views of others and also shows the social conversations happening in the country. We relate to it because it is what is currently happening and the story is told in a humorous manner that is also respectful and entertaining.

What has been the most challenging scene for you on the show and what would you love your character to be remembered for?

The most challenging scenes for me are always the sex scenes. Being bare in front of people always leaves you feeling naked and vulnerable.

The women on Rockville are absolutely gorgeous (including you) if you were a lesbian which one of the ladies would you date?

This is a hard question! I truly believe it would be unfair to answer this. LOL.

Describe season 4 of the show in one word?


Catch Tango Ncetezo every Sunday on Rockville as she gives you an A-class performance.

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