Reason to work with Swizz Beatz

Reason's hustle has always been about persistence and once again it's paid off. 

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Reason working with famous producer!

Imagine you go to a party, meet one of your music idols AND not just that but they say they want to work with you. It's crazy right? RIGHT? Well, not for Reason.

This all started when Reason found out that one of his favourite producers was going to be in town for the Bacardi Holiday Club party. That producer was none other than Swizz Beats who was billed to drop a FIRE set. Reason went onto the Twitter streets (as per usual) and expressed his love for the beatmaker and how much he'd love to drop some bars over his beats. 

As with his SAMA request his followers got on it, tagging Swizz Beats on one of the GAHDBody's very dope freestyles and RT'in the hell out of the original tweet. 

And so it went and went and went 

With time running out though, because Swizzy was set to leave SA on Sunday, people thought that all hope was lost. UNTIL

When he was at the Da LES's All White Party he got confirmation from the man himself who even went on to say 'it's light work'. What?! So we're definitely getting that GAHDBody x Swizzy collabo. Congratulations Reason! 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ReasonHD_

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