RHODurban Star Annie 'Mrs Annibition' Mthembu Get Her Flowers

Following her calm and composed herself during the most heated reunion ever

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Now that the Real Housewives of Durban season 3 part two reunion is done and dusted, Annie 'Mrs Annibition' Mthembu get her social media standing ovation. Famously known for being a fireball who does not beat around the bush, Mrs Annibition's composure during the most heated reunion has earned her more love from viewers.

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After two seasons of name calling and social media trolling, Annie Mthembu finally win scores of viewers and fans. Whether or not she has been misunderstood all long, but one thing for sure Mrs Annibition is not the one to bite her tongue where she is not happy.

Evidently, some viewers have not been impressed with her portrayal but her recent found character and virtue during the reunion has even more viewers singing her praises.

"#RHODurbanReunion can we talk about how calm,composed Annie is.She approached this season and reunion with ease. She made her points without raising her voice or talking over anyone.I need her doctor's number cause whoever it is theyare good at what thy do. Love to see it" wrote Stiles Mbulazi
Although some viewers are not thrilled for how she came at co-star Sorisha Naidoo's defence for not being honest with her about Sane Bhengu. That alone has earned her eve more respect as the one who truly values and cherishes friendships wholeheartedly.

"Annie is the sweetheart shame, I love her. What you see is what you get. She like people who take accountability, i mean, whats not to like about her. Stay like that Mrs Guru. You are great. I wish you were not Sorishas friend though. #RHODurbanReunion" wrote LK
Mrs Annibition has been praised for having her heart in the right place the entire season and proof was in the pudding. After viewers seeing her completely being emotional and breaking down during a confrontation with co-star Jojo Robinson, that gave z new meaning to the hardcore persona she portrays only to protect herself.

"Omg Annie’s heart has been in the right place this entire season and this reunion is making me like her more." wrote Asispho Burwana
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