Rhythm City's "Cuba" intimidates people

Maggie Williams shares the chronicles of portraying "Cuba".

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Rhythm City actress, Maggie Williams who plays the character of Cuba seems to intimidate the public but she pays it no mind.

She may be an immoral and somewhat manipulative mother on screen, but actress Maggie Williams assures people that she's nothing like the character she impersonates on etv's Rhythm City

Speaking to Move! Magazine this month, Maggie revealed that because of the character she portrays, she's realised that people tend to then be intimidated by her whenever she's in public.

"I hardly even sign autographs or get greeted by fans. It's usually kids who run after me. But that is alright because I am a private person." she told the magazine.


Maggie also added that she's a person who is not afraid of rejection, having worked in the TV industry for over two decades, she's learned to handle the feeling of not being accepted for a role.

"As experienced as I am, I still audition and get rejected. But it doesn't bother me. I have grown to understand the nature of the business." Said the actress.

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