Is Rick Riky's Family At Fault For Honoring His 'Dying Wish'?

Fans are certainly not happy with what they called 'outrageous' decision

By  | Jun 10, 2022, 10:45 AM  | Rikhado "Riky Rick" Makhado  | Top of the

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While the whole of Mzansi is still mourning the tragic death of music producer and rapper Riky Rick. The nation has another heartbreaking news coming their way as the family is reportedly to be in the process of removing all Riky Rick's music's and social media accounts before Mzansi's very eyes.

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It is with sad hearts to report yet news of the late rapper, self-proclaimed king of kotini and music producer Riky Rick, who suddenly passed away in February after reportedly to have committed suicide. According to OverviewRadio, more sad news may be on the way for Riky Rick's fans as his family is reportedly to be in the process of honoring Riky Riky's dying wish.

One of the star's biggest dying wish is said to have been to be removed from the face of the earth once he has passed on. The news that has surfaced sums up that Riky Rick's family is going ahead with the plans to remove the late star's music across all digital streaming services as well as removing all his social media accounts in due time. This comes after when the news that the family member are allegedly at loggerheads of Riky Rick's finances.

As a way to avoid the reported family conflicts over Riky Rick's finances, money and royalties. The family is reported to have come up with yet a biggest step to salvage the situation by honoring Riky Rick's dying wish of removing his music on all streaming services and also deleting his social media accounts since he is no longer with us.

Fans have conveyed their feelings towards the decision that Riky Rick's family has allegedly opted for on removing the stars music to avoid the conflicts over Riky Rick's monies and royalties. OverviewRadio stations has reported that Riky Rick's most famous album Family Values has already been removed from all online streaming services as it stands.

"Following his sudden death, Riky Rick's family have decided to remove his music from streaming platforms,as close sources confirm. 
His famous album, “Family Values” has been removed from all streaming platforms already, and apparently the family is still working on deleting his other remaining music online" wrote OverviewRadio

As well as expected, Riky Rick's fans are certainly not happy with these news that has taken them by storm. While the whole nation is still coming to terms with Riky Rick's death, now they may have to deal with not hearing from his music anymore, as the plans to removing is reportedly to be underway.

Recently Riky Rick's wife and baby mother of their two beautiful children Bianca Naidoo, has honored her late husband by getting a tattoo of Riky Rick's face on her body. Taking to Instagram, Bianca shared the news with the fans and followers and it wasn't quite received with everyone while jumping for joy. The mixed reaction of the fans reacting to the tattoo had nothing to with the actual tattoo, however with Bianca Naidoo's decision.

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