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"I've never been good with words, so I've decided to use lyrics", is how 18-year-old Pietermaritzburg singer-songwriter Ruby Gill describes herself.

The video for her new single Three Sixty Five made waves of the first day of its release, trending on YouTube ZA with over 1 000 views within 24 hours. To date the video has had close on 3 000 views.

Ruby, who is a matric pupil at The Wykeham Collegiate, says she wrote the song for her boyfriend on their first anniversary.

"We've been through a lot, and it was a thank you to him. He's very embarrassed about it, but it's better to say things from the heart - I think."

"It's a song which I've really enjoyed performing, and we recorded it and released it recently as a single.

"There's a really cool guy in Maritzburg called Josh Hundermark - and he got together with me and we decided to make this video. It took a while, but I think it turned out quite cool. It's been really exciting to see that it's gotten out there a little bit."

She says it took around six days to shoot the music video for Three Sixty Five. "We shot a scene at a time. It was pretty exciting, but pretty scary!"

So is that her boyfriend starring in the video?

"No!" Ruby laughs. "He declined the invitation. But we got someone equally as goodlooking and charming, and he's been so great."

Ruby released her first album, Breathing in C Minor, in 2010 and her new album is planned for release at the end of this month.

She says at times it's been tough balancing school work with her music.

"I've had to prioritise and decide what is important to me. I know I'll get through the year - this is my passion and I have to work on it no matter what, so I've made time when I can."

She plans to move to Jo'burg next year, where there are hopes of a record deal.  

"Music is just my passion, and I am hoping to share it with other people too."

Find out more about Ruby via her Facebook page.

- Hannah Keal


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