SA R&B singers that deserve their shine

If only Mzansi appreciated them more

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There comes a time in music when a specific genre gets its shine, especially when the genre was not that popular with the South African audience.

For example, 20+ years ago, hip hop wasn't exactly everyone's cup of tea, especially with the emergence of kwaito and house music. But fast forward to the 2000s, and hip hop is dominating now more than ever.

I just hope there comes a day when local R&B also gets its shine and no, we  don't count afro-pop as R&B and yes, I'm that fussy about genres.

I remember there was a time when the likes of Ntokozo, hailing all the way from Durban, swooped people of their feet with hit tracks like All I need. At some point we actually thought she was American.
And then there was S'fiso Fakude, who gave us the hit love ballad that was Sing You My Love Song. 
Unfortunately, both these R&B artists disappeared into thin air and left us with one hit song each.

Thankfully, there is a group of R&B artists in the country that has been setting the bar up high when it comes to this movement.

Ayanda Jiya
Ayanda is definitely one of my personal favourite local R&B singers, ever since she came onto the scene with that Go Go Girl anthem, I've become a devoted fan of her music. Ayanda also had an E.P titled Very Intimate Conversations, which, in my personal opinion, had a lot of great hits. It unfortunately didn't get as much of a buzz as it deserved.


Although she's one of the most recognizable R&B artists of this generation, I have a good feeling that in a few years time, Thabsie won't need any features in order to be popping!

She already has the talent to show for it and it is only a matter of time before she reaches the level her hip hop counterparts have reached.

Langa Mavuso

Then there's this young gentleman right here, with a voice as smooth as butter. Although the majority of South Africans only began taking notice of Langa when his song, Sunday Blues, featured on Mzansi Magic's The River last year, just know that Langa has been releasing songs for three years now, if not more. But for now, I'm just glad that SA has stopped sleeping on this R&B/Soul singer.

Angie Santana

Do yourself a favour and search for Angie's latest single titled Don't Waste My Time. While you're at it, do watch the video to the song as well. Angie is bubbling under in the music industry and I can't wait for the day when she eventually erupts.

Main image credit: Instagram/@thabsie_sa