Local celebs take to Snapchat

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Local stars like DJ ZInhle, Zuraida Jardine, and Boity are using Snapchat to create some fun videos for fans.  

Internationally, Kylie Jenner is the most viewed person on Snapchat thanks to her crazy and sometimes controversial videos.

South Africa’s Snapchat queen title has to go to Zuraida Jardine, though. 

If you’re clueless about Snapchat, don’t worry, because many celebrities still haven’t got the hang of the app yet. 

But Snapchat can be fun, and it is a great way for celebrities to build their brand and discover new audiences, so expect more ZAlebrities to make an appearance on the app in the near future. 

Snapchat automatically deletes all pictures and videos from accounts when they expire, so we had to track down these users on Instagram. 

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Zuraida Jardine

The TV personality, who is an undercover comedian, regularly posts funny Snapchat videos that leave her fans in stitches. Check out some of her best videos.


My Snapcrap story-line with ----> Gi_myers and Zooraider 👻👻

A video posted by Z U R A i D A (@zuraidajardine) on


Today's #Snapcrap on the -->#Zooraider is 'The Zylie' #KylieJennerLip 👻

A video posted by Z U R A i D A (@zuraidajardine) on

DJ Zinhle

DJ ZInhle gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at her life as a mommy on her Snapchat account. 


😒 @nomndeni

A video posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ZINHLE JIYANE (@djzinhle) on


#BabyK 😂

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ZINHLE JIYANE (@djzinhle) on

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Boity is a Snapchat newbie, but is starting to get the hang of things. Check out of her jamming sessions in her car.



A video posted by Boitumelo Thulo (@boity) on

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Poppy Ntshongwana 

Poppy is a Snapchat regular and shares just about every aspect of her life and career. She’s got this Snapchat thing down, and even shows her fellow celebs a thing or two about the app. Check her out schooling singer Shekhinah.


Schooling @shekhinahd on #snapchat life !!! #LunchWithPoppy

A video posted by Poppy Ntshongwana (@poppyismyname) on


#OcSober was all kinds of real. Jeepers. I don't think I will ever take on a challenge of this nature again. I'll stick to my running, thanks. ✌🏾️ So the weird thing about my relationship with alcohol and with wine in particular, is it's developed into somewhat of an emotional dependency. I didn't realize this until now. I depend on wine to relax me after a long day, or a grueling week. I had none of that for a whole 31 days. I feel like October has been my toughest month of all the months this year, and it's all because I didn't have the crutch of alcohol to 'make' things better. I started drinking in my late teens. Don't judge. My point is then and even now, a lot of it was for fun and just that thing that we did to be naughty and for a good time. I've drunk most of my adult life and the other day I was wondering what my life would've been like without alcohol. While I can't go back and figure that out, I've had many a introspective moment, and this past month has provided me with clarity and lessons I didn't think would come out of this. So here's a #POP5 of some of the things I've learnt about myself in the last month. 1. I'm an emotional drinker. Alcohol, like coffee are serious crutches for me and I'm cranky and an emotional roller coaster without them. 2. People trust you less when you tell them you're not drinking. This was what I found when I told people I wasn't drinking. Especially if I'd just met them and was doing business with them. People want you to imitate their behavior and be on the same level as them, for varying reasons. 3. I felt healthier even though I barely lost weight. One of the only reasons that kept me going was the possibility of being healthier and of course losing weight. My skin looks better, and I've lost 2KGs. 4. I couldn't keep up with people if I was out and I was sober. I knew that if midnight came I would have to leave, because I didn't have anything in my system to keep me buzzing. Alcohol does that. That's why we have late nights. It keeps you going. 5. My mind was clearer and I was living in every moment, probably because I was counting down to my first glass of wine. 😂

A video posted by Poppy Ntshongwana (@poppyismyname) on

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Lerato Kganyago 

Lerato is all about that fab life on Snapchat. But she also shares cute videos.


We only listen to HER music when we in the car ☺️😀❤️

A video posted by Leratokganyago (@leratokganyago) on

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Image credit: Instagram/DJ Zinhle