Samthing Soweto and Alicia Keys collaborate and we get the first taste

Samthing Soweto continues surfing his US wave. 

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Samthing Soweto

Lately, it's become pretty obvious to outsiders that SA's major exports aren't just gold and diamonds, but also our artists and so it's no surprise that this is their time to shine. 

Remember when Sun El Musician posted pics of him in studio with Swizz Beats and we thought 'Wow, dreams unlocked!'? Also in that mix was Samthing Soweto's band. Oh, and Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats of course. 

Now, we thought only Sun El was putting in work but nope. Samthing Soweto and his band were also quietly working and the product of that work has sufficed or at least, part of it. 

Though Samthing Soweto isn't there, it didn't mean work couldn't get done and so what you're seeing and hearing is what we believe to be the skeleton of a song which Samthing's band has been working on with him and now with Alicia Keys. Admittedly, Swizz Beatz fell in love with SA and is doing his utmost to put on the talent he saw here. We can't wait to hear the end result of this. 

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