Sbahle Dedicates New Ink To Her Mother

"I chose to wear my heart on my skin"

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Sbahle Mpisane is the latest celebrity to get inked and she has dedicated this new piece to her mother, Shauwn Mkhize. The fitness bunny, as she calls herself, took to Instagram to show off her new ink and shared the journey to getting it.

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Fitness fanatic Sbahle Mpisane shared a video of her getting a new tattoo at a mobile tattoo and body piercing company called Ink On Call Tattoos.

Sbahle reckons her tattoos tell a tale of her life and so inking them in her body, is her way of expressing herself. "My body is my journal & my tattoos are my story," she wrote. "I chose to wear my heart on my skin," she added.

Sbahle then thanked her mother, Shauwn Mkhize for always being there for her, adding that she loves her unconditionally.

"Thank you mom @kwa_mammkhize for always understanding me & being by me thru my lows and highs, you are a blessing, I love you unconditionally."

In the video, Shauwn Mkhize surprises Sbahle with her presence as she gets inked up.

The two share a bond that is very heartwarming to watch. At some point, Shauwn got dragged for neglecting Sbahle after sharing pictures of her son Andile Mpisane in America.

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The mother-son duo were out and about in America for the The Legendz of The Streetz tour. A follower said Shauwn should also travel with Sbahle and not leave her alone. But Shauwn clapped back and said Sbahle is busy with her own thing.

“I don’t know why you are saying that, but so that you are OK, Sbahle is working very hard to restore her career. Andy did ask her but she is focused on what she is busy with now (and) needed no distraction.

“Travelling will always be there, but opportunity, you miss them if you are not focused. Lastly, I have a huge family and not all of them were here. I don't know why you are only singling her out. I am really sorry you feel she was supposed to be with me,” clapped back Shauwn.

Sbahle even reposted that showing that she agrees with them.

Sbahle had finally opened up about her car accident which left her with amnesia. 

In an interview with Owamie Hlongwane, she admitted alcohol was involved but some extent.

"I won't say there was no alcohol involved, because I was out. But I don't drink to get drunk obviously, I was fine but it was a whole situation that no one knows that got me into the car accident and only I know what happen. The only people that can speak are only me and someone else.”

Sbahle took it further by saying an ex friend was the cause of her accident, "The car accident wasn't because Sbahle was drinking and driving, no. There happened to be a situation, unfortunately the cameras were not working and either way, it was something which was seen and I approached the situation face to face and something happened.

"Someone was the cause of my car accident but number one there were no cameras and I am alive. I happened to know the person. The person was my friend, but it's nothing to talk about because I don't want to mention their name and I am alive."

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