[WATCH] "Someone Was The Cause Of My Accident"- Sbahle Mpisane

The fitness guru finally tells all about her near-fatal car accident

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After announcing on social media that she will finally tell all about the much-publicized collision that almost took her life, Sbahle Mpisane has finally poured her heart out.

In a one hour-long interview with YouTuber Owamie Hlongwane, the fitness guru opened up about the events that led up to her accident that landed her in hospital and what she remembers after being in a coma for three weeks.

Sbahle has been focusing on healing from the accident lately after she suffered amnesia, and spent weeks in hospital. A lot had been said on social media about the accident, but she finally took it upon herself to finally unpack everything.

Taking to her Instagram account to drop the much-anticipated interview, Sbahle who prefers to keep her life private said. "After 3 years of trauma, pain & agony, I have finally built up the courage to speak my truth, Sbahle Mpisane’s truth. I’m aware of the assumptions & speculations especially around the events of my accident. Hence I’ve decided to sit & chat with @boldly_owamie & tell everything concerning my accident on the 19 of August 2018," she wrote.
Owamie asked her if she remembers any significant events or signs that something bad, was possibly going to happen prior to the accident. Responding to the question she said she does not remember anything.

She went on to say that she was going back home from a night out with friends when the accident happened. The near-fatal accident took place In August 2018, her car apparently burst into flames after it smashed into a tree on Margaret Mncadi Avenue in Durban. 

Owamie asked her if there was any alcohol-consumption involved at the time of the accident. She said she was fine but there was a situation that arose. "I won't say there was no alcohol involved, because I was out. But I don't drink to get drunk obviously, I was fine but it was a whole situation that no one knows that got me into the car accident and only I know what happen. The only people that can speak are only me and someone else.”

When asked if she was comfortable to share more about the accident. She dropped a bombshell that it was allegedly caused by her ex-friend, but she cannot name drop. "The car accident wasn't because Sbahle was drinking and driving, no. There happened to be a situation, unfortunately the cameras were not working and either way, it was something which was seen and I approached the situation face to face and something happened. Someone was the cause of my car accident but number one there were no cameras and I am alive. I happened to know the person. The person was my friend, but it's nothing to talk about because I don't want to mention their name and I am alive.

She went on to reveal that she forgave the person because they did not cause the accident intentionally. “The perfect part is that person did come forth to say and agreed to what happened because I thought I was extra,” she said.

She went on to say that when alcohol is involved a lot can transpire. Owamie asked her what was the cause of the accident, the fitness guru then delved deeper into what she recalls prior to the accident. "There was a car I was protecting myself from because alcohol happened and the person was coming out in full speed towards my car. As I was driving I happened to drive fast but, I was being stupid because while driving fast focusing on the road. I decided to be shouting in the car. I happened to knock the side of the road which made me knock my head and I passed out with the full accelerator. I hit the robot and went straight to the tree,” she explained.

She also opened about the reports that someone snatched her wig after the accident saying the person who took it and returned it to ger. She said that person was her ex.

Owamie also asked her about the foil that was spotted on the accident scene. There were rumors that someone might have died but Sbahle has rubbished those rumors. "It was weird till today that why they wanted to get me arrested, there was a whole case of what happened. Number 1 there was no camera and it was my car and the robot and the tree. My state was bad so they had to cover me. It was not a passenger but me for the longest time people kept saying it was a passenger. The same as how people always say I have a snake I wish I had a snake to give me all guap, people like to speak for no reason,” she said.

She said she would have not been alive if it was not for Shauwn Mpisane, who rushed to her after being told about the accident. She said she had canceled her medical aid because she was not ill and she was fit.

But, due to the accident she had to be admitted to the hospital and Shauwm had to fork out thousands of rands for her to receive medical attention. Sbahle said she is fully recovered but she is permanently injured.  She said almost all her bones were broken during the accident.

Watch the full interview below.
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