Sechaba Pali finds new love

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Sechaba Pali  | Top of The

It seems like just yesterday that Sechaba was apologising to his wife on national TV for cheating.

But Sechaba told Drum magazine they called it quits a long time ago and he has already moved on.

He told the publication: “I thought you knew. It’s old news – I’ve found someone an we’ve been together for a while now.” 

The news comes as a bit of shock, as Sechaba told ZAlebs in March last year that he and his wife were working things out.

He admitted that while his wife was furious about his wandering eye, even going as far as to damage furniture in their home during an outburst,  they were committed to their union.

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Julia also went on record to profess her love for her cheating husband, saying that despite their problems they were devoted to their marriage.

It looks like Sechaba moved on shortly afterwards, as he and the new woman in his life reportedly have a five-month-old child together.

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