A Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Senzo Meyiwa's Family

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There may be a light at the end of the tunnel for the late Bafana Bafana footballer Senzo Meyiwa. According to the Daily Sun, a good Samaritan has volunteered to renovate Senzo Meyiwa's tombstone that has been since damaged by unknown people. 

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During the unending drama surrounding the Senzo Meyiwa's murder trial and all the other things that has unraveled pertaining the case. Senzo Meyiwa is probably turning in his grave as no justice has been fully and propelled served following his murder. Although there are people who has been apprehended and sentenced to jail, however Mzansi is still convinced that Senzo Meyiwa's murderers are still at large and living life.

Following the unfortunate incident back in 2020 when Senzo Meyiwa's grave together with the tombstone was invaded by strangers who then demolished it to the ground. Attempts to fix the damages were put on hold when Covid19 hits and according to the Daily Sun, a tomstone company from Pietermaritzburg is all hands on deck to resume the renovations for the tombstone project.

The Daily Sun has reported that spokesperson for the South African Football Associations Kwenza Ngwenya and coordinator of Meyiwa's tombstone project has announced the project to resume soon.

"The tombstone company in Pietermaritzburg recently went to check the grave but then the floods happened. " said Kwenza Ngwenya, quoted by the Daily Sun

Talking to the Daily Sun, Kwenza Ngwenya has assured that the security measures will be of utmost importance to prevent a similar incident to occur in the near future. Ngwenya has assured that once the renovations are complete, the grave will be secured all over by fence, so to not allow anyone to have access to the grave as well as the tombstone.

"We'll try and fence it in that way that thugs won't have access to it. It cost SAFA R160 000 for the tombstone alone, excluding the costs of unveiling. For it to be vandalized like that, days after the unveiling, was a shock" said Kwenza Ngwenya, quoted by the Daily Sun

The installation of the tombstone will happen sooner than later, now that the city is clear enough of floods that has hit recently and caused unimaginable damages of property and infrastructure and also claimed a number of people's lives, to which some have not been recovered to date.

Ngwenya had also outlined the reasoning behind the installation of the tombstone. Although he has also mentioned that the South African Football Association was in no way obliged into the installation of the tombstone. However, they are only coming in to assist because Senzo Meyiwa was such an important part of the national team and played a pivotal role for the national team.

"You must remember that SAFA is not obliged to install the tombstone. We are doing it because Senzo Meyiwa played for the national team. This work is from the goodness of SAFA's heart" said Kwenza Ngwenya, quoted by the Daily Sun

While Mzansi have been logging calls for Senzo Meyiwa's girlfriend and baby mama Kelly Khumalo to be apprehended. This comes after the fact that a large number of people are still convinced that Kelly Khumalo knows who shot and killed Senzo Meyiwa. However, it is believed that Kelly Khumalo is only withholding information because she fears whoever is behind the Meyiwa's murder.

Kelly Khumalo has since come forth to reveal that if and when the court subpoena her to testify in court, she is willing and ready to take the stand. 

“The noise is external and has absolutely nothing to do with me. When I’m needed and when the time is right, the world will hear my voice. They will not hear my voice when they feel they should" said Kelly Khumalo

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