"Senzo's Friend Must Tell The Truth, He Was There." Chicco Twala

He claims his son, and the people who were in the house know who killed Senzo Meyiwa

By  | May 04, 2022, 07:23 PM 

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The murder trial of Senzo Meyiwa keeps getting messier and messier as new information emerges every week.

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Music producer Chicco Twala who was allegedly arrested on Monday, after pointing a toy gun at a City Power technician outside of his Bloubosrand home studios in Johannesburg has weighed in on the high profile trial.

Twala said he mistakenly thought the men were cable thieves when they were working outside his home Sunday night, as they were not wearing their uniform. He raised eyebrows when his statement went viral on social media where he said his arrest was proof that no one is above the law.

“Finally I got arrested for pointing a toy gun at two men whom I thought were cable thieves who caused a blackout to six houses at my recording studios. My arrest is victory to me and defeat to all the evil people who portray me as a mafia who is behind the Senzo Meyiwa’s killing. My arrest is proof that I am not above the law.

He told Newzroom Afrika's Xoli Mngambi that people are still dragging his name in the Meyiwa case, and that he had nothing to do with his murder.

“It really pains me that people think I am hiding something in the Meyiwa case. They are tarnishing my name on a matter that does not involve me. I was not part of the eight suspects including my son when, Meyiwa was murdered. I was sleeping at the time I received the call. I went to assist Kelly, because she said "please come, Senzo has been shot," that's all,” he said.

Twala said the defense lawyer Adv Teffo, who is representing the four of the five men accused of allegedly murdering Senzo Meyiwa, sent him text messages that he was apparently representing the Meyiwa family in the case and he wanted him to make a statement.

"I was not part of the eight people. I think the people who know the truth are my son, Kelly Khumalo and the rest of the guys who were there. Because those people are conscious. Someone cannot be shot in their presence and they are all silent about it. They know who killed Senzo, my son knows, Kelly knows and everybody knows.

He said if his son is involved then he will support all the people who want the perpetrators to be arrested. "I will never protect him, I don't care how much I love him but if he is part of the people who murdered Senzo even if there is a death sentence I will support it,"

He went on to say that Senzo's friend should tell the truth. "Why would your best friend not divulge who killed Senzo? My son was meeting that guy for the first time. Senzo's friend must tell the truth that he was there when Senzo was killed. Even if the guy says its my son, the police must immediately arrest my son send him to life sentence

In a Power FM interview a couple of years back, Chicco said that if his son was guilty, he wouldn't care if he was to be sent to prison. During the interview, Chicco also said that Longwe was a drug addict and that he was clean before Senzo died, but then started using drugs again after his death.

"My son is a drug addict, prior to Senzo being killed, my son was in Elim clinic, I took him out from Elim clinic, he was now starting to repent. He was ok when he fell in love with Zandie but after the Senzo murder, he went back to drugs. You know with people like him there is a lot of instability...my son, I don't want to defend him. If he has killed Senzo, it will be the shock of my life." Said Chicco.

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