Is Shashi Naidoo ready to get festive?

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YIKES! We are exactly one week away from Christmas 2015! We can hear a lot of you scrambling around to pick up your last minute Christmas presents right now. While you've been busy with your shopping, we've been chatting to celebs about what Christmas means to them. First up on our list is Shashi Naidoo. The gorgeous model gave us a sneak peek into what her life is like during the festive season. 

What does the festive season and Christmas time mean to you?

I love the holidays because it’s a great time for me to unwind with my family and friends. We are often so busy through out the year that we forget to take stock and just be grateful for the people we have around us, and the joy they bring into our lives.

What are your plans for Christmas and the holidays?

I am Hindu, so we never really celebrated Christmas in its traditional form, usually around Christmas I am travelling. I have discovered that flights are the cheapest on Christmas day.

What gift are you asking Santa to bring you this year?

I think we all come to realise that as we get older, the best gift you can receive is time spent with family and friends. 

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