Shauwn Mkhize's Bikini Pictures Under A Microscope Lens

While out on holiday living her best life, MaMkhize has been ruored to have joined the club

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Shauwn Mkhize's recent bikini pictures has sparked some controversy. While out on holiday and living her best life the rich and famous MaMkhize is rumored to have joined the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) club.

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Everybody know that Shauwn Mkhize has the most money to do anything she wants at any given time. While living large on holiday, the good sister have shared her recent bikini pictures and the social media streets is sent into a frenzy.

Instead, the controversial Chris Excel on Twitter has put a word forward that MaMkhize have joined the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) club. And scores of tweeps have joined in the bandwagon to point out a number of other inconsistencies on MaMkhize's bikini photos including her body.


"Mamkhize joined the BBL community.." wrote Chris Excel
More tweeps have come in their numbers to either body shame and or have pointed out every telling clue on her pictures. Tweeps have also lambasted the person who airbrushed the photos for not doing a great and also went in as far as mentioning that indeed cannot buy MaMkhize everything.

"Is not make sure whether it is BBL or photoshop, the knee looks too suspicious but the shape of her body is definitely not the one we know" wrote Mbali Rantlha
The MaMkhize smack down has been an on-going train, whether tweeps have complained about expensive clothes that they have called ugly, her complexion. Hence now they are calling out Dr Mkhize for a lackluster job on her bikini photo's editing.

"Something is missing here, Mooney is not doing magic to this lady, my humble rich woman please khavha ambe na vhafhasi." wrote Mike Da Cruize
"The person who airbrushed this photo didn't do justice. He/she left evidence scattered all over the place. Check the ages of the pants and the bra. The face is worse" wrote Siya Mnisi
Tweeps have also attacked MaMkhize's face while pointing out that the curtains does not match the carpet. Hence tweeps have given her no mercy as they are claiming that with all the money she has, she can't even get a nice skin.
"The face is melting" wrote Siryancy
"The face said not on my watch" wrote Karabo
"Don't be blinded." wrote Davison Chauke
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