Shauwn Mkhize Accused Of Allegedly Bribing People To Malign Sithelo Shozi

Tweeps have just had enough at this point

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Calls are mounting for Shauwn Mkhize to stop paying people to write horrible stories about Sithelo Shozi. This comes after a tweep took to Twitter to accused Shauwn Mkhize for allegedly paying people to malign Shozi.

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Tweeps may have just had just about enough as they are accusing Shawun Mkhize for playing Sithelo Shozi a bad card. Mkhize is once again accused of allegedly paying people to write stories that seeks to paint Sithelo Shozi in a bad light.

Twitter is abuzz as more people have condemned Shawun Mkhize to refrain from her alleged tactics of secretly working with people who are all hands on deck to tarnish Sithelo Shozi's good image. Evidently, the pair does not see eye to eye anymore following their Twitter squabbles and the upcoming court case.

"For Mamkhize to stop paying people to write such ridiculous stories about Sithelo it’s getting boring now honestly. The Village people might believe all this shit but c’mon man" wrote Qoo Gwavu
Even Sithelo Shozi herself, retweeted the tweet about Shauwn Mkhize allegedly paying off people to malign her image. Not in so many words, however Shoi has basically confirmed these speculations to be true from her comment. Her subtle response has gave away her stance in agreeing with the claims leveled against her former mother-in-law.

"it’s been played out" wrote Sithelo Shozi
More tweeps are also buying to the theory that accuses Shauwn Mkhize for allegedly working over time to assassinate Sithelo Shozi's character. Tweeps believe that the Mkhize and Mpisane family cannot stomach Shozi's glow up, following her recent purchase of the Land Rover Defender, her Brazilian Butt Lift as well as expensive clothing Shozi has been flaunting on social media.

"Ubona nge oddrop ukuthi ave enga let(hi) go(wi) uNono" wrote Posh Teedkay
"doesn’t she get tired? " wrote Thandolwethu
"Wazisusa izinkulumo uSithelo nge Beauty yakhe,usefela ukuth she's way better off without them.." wrote Rochelle Sbiya
Shozi's gender-based violence court case against her former boyfriend Andile Mpisane is taking place of the 30th October, 2022. The court is still unknown at this point but tweeps are also convinced that the people allegedly being bought to write stories about Shozi are to make her look bad ahead of the court date.

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