The Bushiri's Have Been Arrested!

They handed themselves over

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The world was left shocked after Prophet Bushiri and his wife escaped South Africa for their home country of Malawi.

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Shepard disappeared soon after he paid his R200 000 bail. He says he did it because he knew he would get a fair trial in South Africa. But the question still remains as to how flouted his bail conditions and escaped the country.

As a result Mzansi was not happy with how Bushiri managed to evade police. The South African government has vowed to catch him and bring him to book. The also notified Interpol on the wanted status of Bushiri, which means that any country that knows the whereabouts of Bushiri is obliged as per International law to arrest him. Doing otherwise would be in contravention of international agreements on fighting crime.

Hence the decision by the Malawian government to arrest them.

"The prophet and his wife handed themselves over to the police ... (in Lilongwe on) Wednesday, November 18, 2020 when they got wind of their impending arrest," police spokesperson James Kadadzera said in a statement as told to EWN.

The couple will be taken to court although it is unclear if they will be coming back to face the long arm of the law. p

South Africa has also indicated that if Bushiri, and his wife Mary, will not hand themselves over to authorities in the country by Thursday, the state will take over their property that was used as surety in the case.

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