Sho Madjozi's teaches us how to sing Swahili with her new single

How do you say 'not a one hit wonder' in Swahili? 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Sho Madjozi  | Top of The

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Sho Madjozi's will make us learn XiTsonga with new single 'Huku'

At this rate, we'll literally have to learn Swahili because there's probably quotable gems in Sho Madjozi's songs that are flying way past our heads. What we do remember though are the hooks. 

Huku, the new single from our beloved XiTsonga princess, is not the exception. We're literally repeating it as she's saying it. It's produced by a young bloke from Port Elizabeth called Msiyana, which means she switched up the winning formula she had with PS DJZ(Dumi Hi Phone, anyone?). Oh, and is that a OkMalumKoolKat adlib saying 'Dlala MSiyana'? They are kinda like friends so we wouldn't be surprised also. 


The song's exclusively available on Apple Music and will be released on other digital platforms after 7 days. Take a listen to the snippet below and tell us what you think. We'll be right here, upgrading our Tsonga. 

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