Sho Madjozi on acting, being a hair inspiration and getting the Castle Lite gig

Rapper Sho Madjozi on hairspiration, her role in Isithembiso and Polokwane's party scene

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ZAlebs chats to Sho Madjozi

For the first time ever, Castle Lite is taking international acts to Polokwane as part of their annual Castle Lite Unlocks experience and while people in other parts of South Africa are furious about it, music fans in Polokwane are delighted to finally be getting the chance they’ve been denied all these years.

This move was totally intentional explains Castle Lite marketing manager, Ramona Kayembe.

“The goal with this unlock campaign is to build emotional relevance with our consumers by bringing them unimaginable experiences. Limpopo is a brand stronghold and we wanted to further solidify that relationship with our consumers,” said Kayembe.

One artist who understands the Polokwane music scene really well is rapper Sho Madjozi who used to live in the area.

“I used to live In Polokwane but that was years ago. Right now I’m just super excited to see what vibes they will bring. People really party on that side,” she said.

Music fans need not despair however as Castle Lite has exciting plans in store for more locations in future.

“The plan is for this to be a property that excites our consumers each year and has them rushing to buy a Castle Lite in order to be part of this experience,” explains Kayembe.

“This year, we’re unlocking Tanzania, Mozambique and Polokwane for the first time ever and we’re excited to unlock more news regarding other African countries in collaboration with Castle Lite,” adds Kayembe.

Madjozi, whose real name is Maya Wegerif is no stranger to travelling and when asked which countries she’d like to tour if Castle gave her a headlining spot one day, she chose countries that she would love to go shopping in; Mali, India and South Korea.

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A tweep tried to drag Madjozi for her acting skills in her debut role as Tsakani on Mzansi Magic’s latest drama, Isithembiso, but Madjozi took the criticism in her stride like a champ.  

When asked about this, she laughed and said “the thing is, I know it’s true. I’m very inexperienced at acting, so how can I be offended by someone speaking the truth? Although, to be honest even if someone said I can’t rap, I wouldn’t get offended because they’d be lying [lol]. Anyway, I’m not going anywhere, still going to be on your TV screens. Various channels even.”

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In addition to her unique look and unashamed use of her home language, another point of interest is the rapper’s distinct hairstyles. When asked whose idea each style is, Madjozi admits that the looks are a collaborative effort between herself and her hairdresser.

“My hairdresser and I need to get an award for best collaboration. I bring the ideas, which usually come to me in my dreams, and then she figures out how to make those braids a reality. I’m like an artist and she’s an engineer.”

And she is totally fine with you all using the looks as inspiration. “It’s fine if people take my pictures to their hair stylists, va ni endla more famous,” said Madjozi.

Hair isn’t the only thing she’s putting on the map. As mentioned above, Madjozi’s Tsonga pride is what draws most of her fans. When asked if this is her contribution to South African pop culture, she ends the interview by summing up her contribution in OKMalumkoolkat’s words:

“Si faka isintu estayileni”

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