8 Times Shona Ferguson Inspired Us

He is inspirational!

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Shona Ferguson's success makes him one of the Africa's most inspirational figures. It makes sense for people to look to him for inspiration and he sure does deliver. Here are the 8 times he left us inspired.  

  On success and criticism

Here is a powerful quote by Grant Cardone on how to tackle the hate from the haters. This was in response to rumors circulating about how he mistreated cast members in his production company. The quote definitely did its job.

  On making their marriage work

Here's how Shona and his wife Connie Ferguson keep their marriage intact: 
“There is no trick to making a marriage work. We don’t focus too much on the outside because no one from the outside truly knows us.”

3.  On being inspired by the Bible

As is evident from his Instagram feed, Shona is a very inspirational man. The posts are encouraging and give his followers inspiration as is evident from their comments.

  On Kobe Bryant’s passing

“I have nothing in common with lazy people who blame others for their lack of success. Great things come from hard work & perseverance. NO EXCUSES.” - Kobe Bryant

  On maintaining inner peace

No negative energy is allowed in the Ferguson household, that's for sure!
Shona claims he’s learned how to stay calm and protect his inner peace by cutting off negativity and toxic people. His wife, The Queen Connie, backed him up on his Instagram post saying, “you and I both”.

  On family

Just like his character Simon Masire, from his recently launched Netflix series Kings of Joburg, he is a family man.

  On ethics

Ferguson highlighted his work ethic with a quote by Hal Elrod about being responsible for one’s actions. 

  On the power of silence

Another quote that leaves us all inspired is one on the power of silence. 

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