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Sibu is standing strong 

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Sibusisiwe Jili

We were first introduced to Sibusiswe Jili when she made her debut on Isibaya and since then, the actress has been bagging gigs on various platforms.

Sibu has been adamant about how acting helped her have a different outlook on life. The actress recently took to social media to reflect on the times she had been rejected as a young girl.

"I used their insults as inspiration. They said I was too dark, I saw exotic; they said my legs were too long, I saw the opportunity to hit the catwalk; they said I was too tall, I said it’s alright cause God didn’t make a mistake when he made me or you. Our differences are what defines our uniqueness and I’m grateful for the insults cause if they hadn’t happened then I might not have realized how great I can be" she wrote.

She then went on say that although she had low self-esteem in her youth, being a hard worker helped her block out the insults and shape the person that she is today.

“I’m not perfect, never believed that I was maybe that’s that’s why I had a low self-esteem growing up...I pushed through the insults, living in my lonely world; I’m not perfect, my innermost desires were kept to myself being too shy to speak my mind. I don’t mind not being perfect, I’ve stepped into a world I never thought I could ever be in and the journey has taught me to be content with being just SIBU because really, no one is perfect...I have to remind myself that I don’t always have to be the strong one, it’s just ok to let go and let God.”

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