Simphiwe Ngema is set to release her late husband's posthumous album

Wow Simphiwe is coming through for Dumi hey.

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Dumi and simphiwe

During a wedding ceremony, there is a part whereby the couple exchange sincere vows and one of them is:''Till death do us part". 

Contradicting the above vow is actress Simphiwe Ngema, who has been posting a series of posts on her Instagram feed indicating that her late husband, Dumi Masilela's album is ready to hit the music shelves. There is a possibility that the long awaited album will be released in the up coming weeks of November this year. This posthumous album title is, Eternal Crush.

Simphiwe has been dropping tracks that will feature on the album under the 'Songs you might know that are in Dumi's album' theme on Instagram. These glorious records include, Yena, Uphushiwe and Dream to mention a few.

'Shona Phansi' is a such a banger of a track.

'Ungasabi' is another one to look out for.

'Dream' sounds like, well ... a dream!

This album promise's to be a collector's item. Judging by the snippets that we have heard thus far, we are seating right at the edges of our seats for this one.

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@simzngema.