Sindi Dlathu opens up about the industry

The iconic actress is speaking out on the current state of the industry 

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Sindi Dlathu

Sindi Dlathu's has a career that has successfully been thriving over the past 20 years and there is no stopping her hustle. The beauty has been on Muvhango since 1997 and she recently left the soapie to pursue other opportunites. 


The actress is the star of a new Vuzu AMP show, The River, which will air in a couple of days and from the promos we have seen on TV, it looks like it is going to blow us away. 

In a recent interview with Drum, Sindi got candid about her fascination with how people relate to each other, "It's not like before, we have evolved, but I don't know whether it's positive or not. People aren't warm anymore. A person can befriend someone because of what they can do for them. I wish we could go back to God, be humble and have love above because I think we're going in the opposite direction." she said.

She then went on to gush about the women who are in the entertainment industry, "The number of women has grown. Women are executive producers, directors and some own production companies. The channels are open for everyone but the doors aren't wide open for all of us. Yet, overall, the industry has evolved positively."

Image credit: Instagram/@sindi_dlathu

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