Siv Ngesi Has Men Shaking In Their Boots

He has taken things to another level and we are here for it

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If there was one person who is working tirelessly to break stereotypes is actor and comedian Sivuyile 'Siv' Ngesi. His recent pole dancing video has had the social media streets talking and Siv Ngesi is not around to entertain homophobia.

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TV presenter, actor and comedian Siv Ngesi has never been shy with embracing his feminine side and over the years he has taken his new identity into greater heights. Going as far as branding his alter ego and drag persona, Sivu Ngesi has pointed out that men, especially Xhosa men have had some issues with him and his new identity and drag persona.

Taking to social media, Siv Ngesi left the social media streets jaws dropped, following his remarkably and well thought-out pole dancing skills, while in an underwear, representing our country's flag and almost 12 inch heels.

Siv Ngesi did not mince his words, as he captioned his pole dancing video while in black almost 12 inch heels and dancing his way around the pole like a professional that he is. To his Xhosa men, he mentioned a few words, following the outrage that once transpired because of his feminine identity and drag persona.

Many Xhosa men have had an issue with me pole dancing , so I thought I would pole dance in heels and give them more to have an issue about! Donโ€™t forget , I can still kick your ass while wearing these heels" wrote Siv Ngesi
As well as expected, social media did not take lightly to Siv Ngesi's pole dancing moves while in an underwear and almost 12 inch heels. Tweeps have called Siv Ngesi out of his following his video.

"I agree with the knocking out! I've seen you in action and for that I respect you but please bhuti ngicela usicacisele. Udlala uLGBTQYZ or kwenzakalani? Just ukuthi sibe sure nathi" wrote Letho
"I give up guys.who is going to marry Xhosa woman when such good breed of Xhosa man is turning Gay.Xhosa nation you have pandemic on your hands.ake nihlale nixoxe ngoba isizwe saka Xhosa Siya phela" wrote Liberator
"Is this really about Xhosa men though??? Or you just doing something that you enjoy but fear being judged so you make it about something that sounds revolutionary????" wrote Jack Nasty
Back in January, Siv Ngesi introduced us to his drag persona Sivanna and from there he has been living his life to the fullest and embracing his feminine side and alter ego.

"I introduce to you , โ€œSivanna! #dragqueen" wrote Siv Ngesi

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