Siv Ngesi Goes From Fab To Drag

Have you seen his new look? Fabulous

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Presenter and actor Siv Ngesi has once again chucked the middle finger to the societal norms which associate men with masculinity. He has explored his feminine side and birthed an 'alter ego' that he has managed to name, thanks to the help from his fans.

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Siv took to Instagram to introduce a whole new woman to us as he has opted to try out drag for the very first time. The new look was made possible by South Africa’s Got Talent finalist Manila Von Teez, who hails all the way from Cape Town.

"An incredible art form" as he refers to it, Siv has finally fulfilled his desire of trying out the drag performance. He has named his female alter ego 'Sivanna.'

In the video he shared, Siv said he was a bit hesitant to try out the art form because of his beard. Thanks to Manila's expert make-up skills, he managed to pull off the look despite Siv's masculine face.

"I've always been inspired by drag and drag is an incredible art form. I've always wanted to be in drag but I have always had a beard, and now I am shaving my beard off and going full in," said Siv.

He then decided to partake in the #BussItChallenge because why not? Echoing the words of his followers: "He nailed it!"

Check out the video below:

Siv then had to battle homophobic words from people with some pestering him to come out from the closet. He has reiterated a million times that he is not gay however people seem to think otherwise.

The last time he had to tell trolls where to get off was when he responded to tweeps question who asked him if he is gay. This was sparked by a picture of him taken from a rugby field wearing a rainbow armband (which seemingly represents pride).

He clapped back; "Are you heterosexual? Both of us have no right asking such bull****!"

Even with his recent drag look, he had to fight off trolls who were against him expressing his femininity.

"I wish I was that fabulous," he responded to a troll who asked him when is he coming out.

Siv also tried out a new sport of pole dancing last year. “Another new move on the pole! Loving this sport!,” he wrote. To give trolls even more heart palpitations, Siv went on to try ballet as well, "Had my first official ballet class! My core is hating me right now! This is a sport and an art combined!"

We love the courage Siv is taking and the extent he is going to show people that they should embrace themselves at all times.

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