Sizwe Dhlomo On When He Lost His Virginity

Sizwe is sharing some personal tidbits

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Mzansi's media star, Sizwe Dhlomo has been in the industry for more than 10 years but has somehow managed to remain scandal free and largely kept his private life exactly that,  private!

An interview on the now defunct hit talk show, Real Talk on SABC 3 comes to mind, upon learning about the following juicy info on Siz.

At the time, the Kwa Zulu Natal star revealed that he is a "certified" late bloomer. When he reached 15 years old, he suddenly decided to not be out and about with his friends but instead carve his new identity as a recluse at home(or read a book instead).

Speaking of his self assurance, Sizwe had this to say on the show:

"From a very young age, I have always been self assured. I knew who I was - maybe at 15."

Fast forward to the year 2019, Sizwe shared another personal information about himself.

A twitter user by the handle @MbebhiB probed if Sizwe was a virgin hence he doesn't drink or smoke, which created the perception that he is ''pure''. Sizwe then responded by stating that he started exploring his sexual life quite late in life.

Siz then replied: ''No, that is not true. However I did lose my virginity very late in life compared to other guys. I was doing first year already.''

Sizwe's followers are very attuned to all things pertaining to him. Many of them eagerly look forward to watching or listening to his interviews.

Let's check out some of his revelations from various interviews over the years:

1. Real Talk With Anele

"I'm a loner man, and you know what else, I think I'm arrogant. I have accepted it... it is who I am.''

2. Real Talk With Anele

"I'm very scared of women. But I'm lucky that all the women that I've liked, have liked me back."

3. The Dojo Show (YouTube channel)

"In all the years that I've been in the industry, I had never been out of a job."

4. Podcast With Mac G( YouTube channel)

"When I get married, I'll sign a prenuptial agreement, but I have views about this. The mother of my kids or wife is entitled to everything that I have. But my family is broad, so my definition of family will also include my nieces, sisters and mom because they've also had an input towards being the man that I am today. But if I've known a woman for two years, they're not in the same league as my mom and sisters but they'll still be entitled to whatever their bit is."

Sizwe Dhlomo is such a mystery to many of us. But it seems he is willing to be open about his life.

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