Sizwe Dhlomo Gushes Over Being 'Fancied' By Beyoncé

We won't hear the end of this

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Radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo is known for being a vaunter so whenever he rubs shoulders with the elites, we sure will never hear the end of it. Apart from bragging about such, he also finds a way to boast about his wealth, family status and the fact that he is very knowledgeable about many things.

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The media personality and Kaya FM DJ revealed that he once spent a full day with the record-breaking Grammy award winner, her wealthy husband Jay-Z and his mother. Many would have wished to either be a fly in that venue, but one thing Sizwe took from the date is that Beyoncé found him very attractive.

In response to a tweep who gushed about being told he was cute by the late Lebo Mathosa, he said "The day I met Lebo Mathosa and she grabbed my chin and called me cutie, was the day I knew I was destined for a successful life." Sizwe decided to brag a bit and reveal that Beyoncé found him cute," Now imagine being told this by Beyoncé!"

A follower decided to boost his ego a bit by saying he has always been handsome, "Lol! You have been handsome all your life, do you even know that with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes? You are getting older now and you seem to be getting very handsome. Sigh... Njani?"

Still on the topic of bragging, Anele Mdoda also had her moment to shine after Trevor Noah gave her a big shout out at this years Grammy's. After Beyoncé won her millionth Grammy, Trevor congratulated her and also shouted, “Give it up for Beyoncé. This is history...She did it Aneeeezy!!” She then gushed and said, "Also did you okes hear Trevor shout me out at the Grammys after Beyoncé's speech?"

The 947 host however did not trend for that, but rather she trended for falsely declaring the 10th of April as Wendy Williams' day. A Twitter user wrote tweeted saying "@Anele is it you that lied to Wendy Williams that April 10th it's her day in South Africa?” to which Mdoda responded, "It's not a lie nje."

She later clarified and said the 10th is when Wendy's film, Wendy Williams: Hot Topic, as well as her documentary, Wendy Williams: What a Mess, will be aired in Mzansi.

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