Did Skolopad Get Hitched?

She is in love

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Kwaito star and Nurse by profession Nonhlanhla "Skolopad" Qwabe seems to have been snatched out of the singles club.

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Skolopad shared a video on Instagram today of her walking down the aisle in what was definitely not a traditional wedding dress but seemed like a ceremony.

She captioned the video, "The look on his face as I walk in 😜 he was crying shame❤️❤️"

Skolopad did not officially say that she was getting married and judging from the reflectors used during the proceedings, It may have been a music video shoot.

Skolopad shared snaps from what looks like a set of a music video 6 days ago so the wedding scene could have been just another scene to the video, what song could this be, should we be getting ready for new musoc from Queen Skolopad or not? 

She may also have been getting married so if she did get married, congrats to her and her husband.

Skolopad announced in 2018 that she was engaged to a married man. She confirmed the news in an interview with The Juice. She said, "He surprised me by booking a boat cruise for my friends and me. He then asked the right question at the right time, to the right person. I am happy to be wife number two to a Swati man."
Skolopad said that she is okay with being a second wife because most responsibilities will not fall on her.

However in 2019, Skolopad revealed that she had broken off the enegagement with her married man after he failed to give her the support she needed follwing a car accident that left her with scars.
Taking to her Facebook page, she opened up and said, “I regretted being engaged I even quit b4 I even stayed with him he talks to me like m his child n he even remaindered me m stucked with him no 1 will love me cos m just a scrap with scars...”

She also said that her married man was forcing her to get money from the Road Accident Fund and lie that she had been severely injured in the accident. Skolopad finally decided to leave the relationship and break off the engagement after the man failed to see her before the end of 2018.

She said, “He last saw me in the hospital. I told myself that if he doesn’t come see me before 2019, he is staying in 2018. He hasn’t even paid or seen my family, but acts like he owns me.”

Skolopad is still going strong in her nursing profession when she is not out there putting on performances that leave you gasping for air.

Zodwa once said that she is not threatened by Skolopad because she is till trying to find her footing in the industry.

Zodwa said, "..We are in a very fast industry and don’t know what tomorrow holds for us‚ so it’s time to make money. Skolopad forgets that we are ageing and when the opportunity lands on your lap you grab it with both hands. I’m not here to play games but to make money.”

Do you guys think Skolopad is married ot that she is shooting a music video? 

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