Zodwa Wabantu Tightens The Girl Even Further

She knows how to take care of her

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Zodwa Wabantu is one really hygienic woman. She decided to let us in on her session with a doctor that has been at the forefront of keeping her "girl" tight.

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Zodwa asked her doctor about the vaginal tightening women/o shot.

He said, "It is part of vaginal rejuvenation as well, it increases your intensity of orgasm and sensitivity down there for a more pleasurable sexual experience."

Every woman wants to have an orgasm but unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to find a partner that will pay attention to what they want and like so could the O-shot be the holy grail of orgasms?

Zodwa's Doctor at the Herwood Medical Centre said that the procedure costs 6000 rands normally but because there is a special, it is 3500 rand. Men can also get the shot. It is called a P-Shot and for women, it is called an O-Shot.

Zodwa has been taking care of herself these days. She has been doing chemical peels, she also got herself braces to fix her teeth that were already stunning. She has been on a self-care tip and we are here for it. 

Zodwa is a focused woman and she knows how to secure her bag and keep them coming. She announced on Instagram on June 2 that she has decided to venture into the ever so lucrative burial industry, calling her company, Zodwa Wabantu Undertakers

Speaking on her major wins, Zodwa said, “When I think of living a lavish lifestyle, I think of businesses to build all are in my name. Registering, building, making mistakes, fail, try again. I won’t stop. I won’t act 20 years with my money in the industry but see me in years to come Zodwa Wabantu ngizokungcwaba mina,”

Zodwa also launched her own brand of eggs early this year. What does she not do? She is a businesswoman of note. Her eggs are called ‘Zodwa Wabantu Eggs’ and because she is a people’s person, she delivers her eggs to her customers personally. 

We have been noticing a lot of paid-for content on Zodwa’s Instagram page and that can only mean that she has found ways of coining it except for exotic dancing. Zodwa charges 10 000 rands for these posts. 

Now when it comes to that, you cannot fault her, she is always making money. Lockdown or no lockdown. 

Other influencers that charge for posting about your business include 24-year-old Mihlali Ndamase. She has been the 17th highest paid make-up artist in the world on the Instagram rich list. It was reported in 2019 that Mihlali charges R25 000 per paid post on Instagram. It is 2021 and her follower count currently stands at a 1.4million. That means more money. The money has not just tripled, it has gone over the mark that the American influencers charge for their Instagram posts. 

She deserves it y’all because she trends even when she does not want to, I mean that is a major influence so get your coins sis. 

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