Skolopad Will Be Locked In For Over Two Weeks


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Controversial socialite and singer Queen Skolopad has poured her heart out on social media about battling bipolar disorder for many years. She said she will be locked in for two to three weeks following her recent re-diagnosis. 
In an Instagram post, the singer revealed that she is a red flag and she gets triggered by small things.

"Let me re-introduce myself. My name is Qwabe Nonhlanhla I have Bipolar disorder I've been in a denial stage for 10 years but today again I was re-diagnosed by my new psychologist," she wrote.

She asked her fans not to feel sorry for her, but to pray for her instead, "support me with your prayer as my levels are now uncontrollable. Skin treatment making it worse and I get triggered by small things. I am an 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩😭 I'll be locked in for two to three weeks."

Fans have since taken to the comments section to wish Skolpad well, others also applauded her for taking a step to recovery.

International Bipolar Foundation responded: "You are so strong! We can imagine how tough this must be but you are taking the right steps by reaching out for help and being open about your diagnosis! If you need any resources or would like to learn more, please contact us or check out our website, We are here to support you and are keeping you in our thoughts "

A few weeks ago, Skolopad shared that she has not been going out and socializing with people since her car accident, she added: "Not because I was in pain or something but because I was ashamed of my sickness I had n still have a"mild Amnesia" after the car accident." 

She was involved in a car accident in September 2018. In her lengthy Instagram post, she said she also had difficulties remembering people's names.

"I would see who you are but wouldn't know your name which most people get offend by and it's so embarrassing to explain that forgot who they are and hide it by saying it old age😔 some would accept it some would say kebo celeb botjena."

Skolopad also revealed that the right side of her face is not working properly, "what's wes is I can't smile with my right side of the face, YES I used to love my right side and I would pose mostly with that side hence I use to say when they ask me "It's because yonkinto iright" 

Wrapping up her posts, she thanked her uncle for being there for her and helping her deal with her new norm. She said she is now able to go out and socialize with people.

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