Somizi Planned On Getting Married Against All Odds

The 'rebel' was going to get married whether same-sex marriage was legal or not!

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It is no secret that Somhale is over the moon because of their love blossoming and the world saw that bond on television when they shared their special weddings.

As part of Miss Universe's open discussion about Pride Month, they spoke to Somgaga. Somizi recently revealed during an Instagram Live chat with Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi that he had planned his happiness before same-sex marriages were made legal in the country.

Their decision to air their traditional and white wedding was deliberate so the world can witness love between two men who love each-other and so people can accept this kind of love.

"The world was going to know about it. It was going to happen. I always knew that I was going to get married, even before we had the right to same-sex marriage," he said.

Although many countries have adapted and made same-sex marriages legal, there are still that are yet to make those changes.

The two public-figures engaged in a conversation where Somgaga had to share how it felt for him to get married in a world where many countries do not allow gay marriages.

He described himself as a rebel who would have gotten married either way.

"I am a rebel. I don’t allow any form of rule or society to dictate what I should do, especially when it comes to me being me. I always knew that I was born here to live my life and I am not going to live according to someone else’s acceptance of me," he explained.
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