"Something Has To Die, And It Shouldn't Be Me"

Somizi opens up about having suicidal thoughts

By  | Mar 04, 2022, 03:36 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Top of The

Somizi Mhlongo
Somizi Mhlongo is usually very wise, and he cannot resist popping onto Instagram with a video full of advice. His most recent one has touched his fans deeply, and we believe it is something everyone deserves to hear. 

The choreographer shared a video of himself talking about the things that often lead people to end their lives. He said that he was inspired by two videos he met online, one by his close friend Kelly Khumalo, which both gave advice to those who are struggling with depression and suicide ideation. 

He said that many do not usually want to die, but they end their lives because they are desperate for the pain to end. But he advised that the pain will not end until people free themselves from the shackles of tying their worth to their success or the things they own, or what others think about them. 

The belief system in my current situation and in most people's current situation is the belief system of attaching themselves to worldly things; attaching themselves to people's opinions, attaching themselves to wanting to look successful, beautiful, rich, great, happy. And that attachment is the most dangerous thing,” he said. 

He said that he had also been a victim of such a toxic loop of thinking, but he is finally ready to break free. 

Today I am speaking for myself. I've also attached myself to what you think about me: what if I lose my cars, what if I lose my house, what if I'm broke again? I am releasing myself from that. If something has to die today it is not me; it is the belief system that I am because of all those things,” he continued. 

He also opened up, saying he, too, has battled with suicidal thoughts, but he is grateful that he made it through and is still alive. Honestly, Somizi, so are we. He is such a bright light and we are glad he is here with us still. 

Somizi is one to roll with the punches, no matter how dark things may seem at the time. He always finds a way to make the best of whatever situation he finds himself in, which is why he is such an inspiration to so many of his fans. 

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