Somizi on enjoying his relationship with a woman and being bold about being homosexual

Somizi is really an open book with no secrets.

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Media personality Somizi is one of the most flamboyant personalities in the industry and is open about his homosexuality, however, it has not always been that way, Somizi let us in on how he got a baby while being homosexual and how he told his baby mama that he was gay.

In a recent conversation on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast show, Somizi revealed that although he had posed as bisexual at first, he has always been true to himself and the people in his life.

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“Part of it was that [pressure]...I had straight friends and I wasn’t bold enough to say I’m a hundred percent homosexual...I enjoyed being in a relationship with a woman because at the time I thought I was bi-sexual...I always preach that I’ve always lived my truth and I’ve always been truthful…” Somizi said

Explaining on how he and his baby mama Palesa Madisakwane met and got into a relationship that birthed their daughter Bahumi, the media personality said that Palesa knew about his relationship with his boyfriend at the time and still pursued their relationship.

“...So day one, when she came to me and said I like you, I said no, I’ve got a boyfriend and she said no you’re lying and she became persistent and she met my boyfriend and she said still I like you, and I said I like you too lets do this, there were no surprises.” He said.

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Somiziwent on to add that he has never had to explain his homosexuality to his daughter, as he has always been true to himself and always been there as a father saying:

“I didn’t have to explain to my daughter that I am gay, you are forced to explain if you live a double life...with me, I’ve always been this person, my daughter has always known this person. Me being gay did not take away my presence as a father...I think when she got to primary, that when she realized that I am different from other fathers.”

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Somizi’s homosexuality has undoubtedly inspired many to come out of the closet, but Somizi says that he thinks there are some gay people that come into the industry and put their sexuality before their talent just because they look at him and think they could be him.

“Some gay people or some people think it’s gonna be easier for them to get into the industry and just be flamboyant, they bring their sexuality before their talent, because maybe they think, ‘let me be like Somizi’ - and that's me, I’ve always been like this.”

Somizi still continues to captivate fans with his charismatic personality, him just being him, has earned him big bucks as he has big brands behind his name.

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