Somizi: I discipline Babes because I want her to win

Somizi's wisdom is one of his most overlooked qualities 

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I discipline Babes because I want her to win says Somizi

It seems as though the general public aren’t the only ones rooting for Babes Wodumo. Ever since the gqom sensation burst on the scene as was dubbed a “national treasure,” the public has been watching her journey, pushing her to succeed every step of the way. Even though she has repeatedly made it hard for us. 

On last night’s season finale of Living the Dream With Somizi, the reality star let us in on a FaceTime call he had with Babes Wodumo after she was late to a choreography session that they had set up for the Metro FM Music Awards.

Living the dream with somizi season 2 finale

“I reprimand her as my kid because I want her to win, I want her to succeed because this industry is not only about talent, it’s about discipline, focus, punctuality so forth and so on” said Somgaga. 

He then shared details of a call they had earlier that day in which something she said made him laugh before adding “ugh! I love my child.” 

The rest of the episode took a retrospective look at the past season with commentary from Somizi about what he was thinking in each situation.

He then offered us a look into the launch event for his highly anticipated book at which his daughter Bahumi spoke. She shared a story about her first day of pre-school and how excited her father was about it. 

Bahumi at Somizu's book launvh

She said he bought pipe cleaners (colourful wires) in order to do her hair for the first day of school so she could impress everyone. He tied her braids in “ten different phondos,” each of a different color. 

She wore the hair to school as planned and she got ridiculed for it so she went home crying. As her grandmother and aunt were comforting her, they told her to go ask her dad to undo their hairstyle which she did. 

She says she expected him to remove the pipe cleaners from her hair and comfort her but that is not what happened. 

“Instead of removing them, he tightened them and then he wiped my tears and then he looked me in the eye and then he said to me; ‘I will be damned if you live at the mercy of what other people think about you.’ He said that to me at five years old and that is forever something that I will live by.”

Bahumi somizi mary book launch

For the second time all season, Som G was speechless and it was the cutest thing ever! 

He closed the episode off on a beautiful note by reading the final paragraph of his book which ends with the line “… God is good, I am never alone. Ngihamba nabapantsi. Ngihamaba nabaphezulu. God is good all the time. Slay. In. Your Lane.”

We're so sad that season two came to an end so soon but we're just hoping season 3 will be on our screens before we start to miss him too much after the upcoming season of Idols goes off air.

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