"Sonia Mbele Is Literally Going To Be Known For Raising An Abusive Son"

Tweeps have condemned for the actress to feel the wrath for her son's sins

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The whole of Mzansi is still in complete shock following the news of actress Sonia Mbele's son having been alleged to have beaten his girlfriend to a pulp. Donell Mbele is alleged to have almost raped and killed her baby mama for being caught cheating.

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Twitter is certainly divided apart, as some tweeps have since started to blame actress and businesswoman Sonia Mbele for her son's alleged crimes. Tweeps have since eluded that Sonia Mbele being the brand and the mother will go down in history for raising an alleged abuser, who almost killed and raped his girlfriend.

"Sonia Mbele is literally going to be known for raising an abusive son. ey man" wrote  Mihlalii Ncobo
Meanwhile some tweeps feel as though Donell Mbele's behavior is a true reflection of how he was raised by his parents. One tweep went on to mention that every child's behavior is their parents responsibility, hence Sonia Mbele is being blamed for all the sins of her son, Donell Mbele

"Kids behavior it's parents responsibility, how you raise your kids it's always gonna reflect on the streets and as parents take responsibility" wrote Philani Nhlanhla
Once the news started making rounds on social media, another tweep was reminded on Sonia Mbele herself was also in an abusive marriage with husband, Leslie Sedibe. Sonia and Leslie Sedibe's divorce was attached to abuse accusations. Tweeps have stated that Leslie Sedibe should be the one being blamed for Donell Mbele's behavior and not Sonia.

"I remember reading on TRUELOVE how Sonia was being abused by her then husband during her Generations time in front of the kids, so what’s Donell Mbele is doing isn’t much of a surprise, men need to watch their behaviour. Sad that it Sonia’s name catching strays not Lesley" wrote Yaya Mavundla
Scores of tweeps have condemned Sonia Mbele's name being dragged through the mud for her sons sin, Donell Mbele. Tweeps have claimed that Sonia Mbele being blamed for raising an alleged abuser is all misdirected anger.

"We not saying it should be a secret, He should trend insyead of his mother, dont say Sonia Mbele's son is an abuser, say Donell Mbele is an abuser. You guys are indirectly protecting the abuser's name by mentioning his mother's name instead of his" wrote Ngubane KW
Sonia Mbele have not yet issued any statement surrounding the accusations leveled against her son.

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