Sophie Ndaba Biography: How She Rose To Her Throne As Queen Of Our Screens

Sophie Lichaba's life in the spotlight has had many twists and turns.

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Sophie Ndaba is still one of South Africa's brightest stars, more than 26 years after she first appeared on our television screens.

Sophie made her debut as Queen Sebobe on the classic soap Generations in 1993. (later Queen Moroka).

Many of her supporters still refer to her as Queen, the fiery receptionist.

Sophie previously appeared in the films Class of 92 and Egoli.

Yizo Yizo, Soul City, Isidingo, and High Rollers are among her previous TV appearances.

Sophie has earned a number of acting honors over her career. In 2003, she received a Duku Duku Award for "Best Soap Actress," and in 2009, she received a Golden Horn Award for "Best Comic Actor."

Sophie Ndaba Lockdown Performance

Yes, the screen queen is back, and she's back with a vengeance. Since Season 5 of Lockdown began, audiences have been clamoring for more. The series Lockdown is notable for its cliffhangers, storyline twists, emotional roller coaster, and all-female cast.

Sophie joined the cast this season and plays Palesa, a broken nurse at the Kgotsong Asylum who is poised to wreak havoc on the institution. Sophie had taken a break from the spotlight to focus on her health, but her triumphant return has everyone praising her.

Her ground-breaking acting had the audience teary-eyed and on the verge of reaching for tissues. Many fans were overjoyed to see her return, and they are in for a treat this season.

Fans couldn't stop gushing about how pleased they were to see Sophie back on TV and how well she performed in that event.

Sophie Ndaba Age

Sophie Ndaba is a 49-year-old woman. She was born on June 29, 1972, in Soweto, South Africa. Sophie looks forward to her birthdays. On her special day, she adores giving back. Sophie celebrated her 42nd birthday with children from the Orlando Children's Home in 2015.

She is passionate about children's charities because she grew up in an orphanage. Her mother sent her to a Zimbabwean orphanage so that she may receive a better education than she would have received in apartheid South Africa.

Sophie Ndaba Weight Loss

Sophie Ndaba's amazing weight loss in 2018 astounded her fans. She had been losing weight steadily for a few years, but her thinner form alarmed some, who suspected she was suffering from anorexia.

Sophie admitted to losing a lot of weight, but she was pleased with her new appearance.

"I don't give a damn if others think it's too much. See, I can say I need one more kilo, but they could say to someone else, "hey, this individual needs ten kilos." No, I've made the decision that when I'm happy, I'm happy. During an interview on 5FM's Thaboothy Drive broadcast, she told Thando Thabethe, "I am delighted and I feel amazing."

Sophie Ndaba Illness

Sophie Ndaba's admirers were concerned about her health when a photo of her appeared frail. Some even went so far as to imply she was ill, with many assuming that she was infected with HIV or had cancer.

The actress, however, confessed she has diabetes in an emotional post, and she was upset by the negative comments she received about her body.

“Some people sadden me because I have lost both my parents through diabetes, I nursed them so I know this killer disease. It's real. No joke. Our fellow sisters and brothers commit suicide because of pressure of what you negative heartless people think. I stopped worrying what any negative person thinks long ago,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

In late 2018, Sophie was the victim of a terrible death hoax. The star was said to have died, according to a bogus news article. Many people believed the news because of recent rumors regarding her alleged illness. One Twitter user commented, "Please tell me Sophie Ndaba is not dead."

The "horrific" scam was lambasted by the actress.

Sophie Ndaba Husband

Max Lichaba, a businessman, is Sophie Ndaba's husband. Max was introduced to her through his brothers. Sophie turned down his approaches at first because she didn't believe he was single. Sophie was persuaded by the businessman's family, notably his grandmother, that he was serious about her.

He asked the actress to marry him several times before she ultimately said yes. Sophie Lichaba is her new name.

Sophie's strongest supporter, Max, defended her when her detractors said she was dying of HIV as a result of her weight.
"I admire her for choosing to lose weight, changing her eating habits… I also pray that she keeps fighting for life and never cares what people are saying on social media about her… But if she dies they'll post "diabetes is real guys" but they can't support her now whilst alive,” he wrote on Instagram.

Sophie's third boyfriend is Max. She was formerly married to bishop Keith Harrington and actor Themba Ndaba (1994–2007). (2011-2013).

Early this year, she was rumored to have split up with her husband Max Lichaba, after she changed her surname on social media from Lichaba to Ndaba.

Sophie Ndaba Wedding

Following an elopement in December 2017, Sophie married Max Lichaba in Italy. After that, they went to France for their honeymoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lichaba married in a traditional South African ceremony for close family and friends a few months later.

Sophie is also a well-known wedding and event planner. She has been in business for about two decades. Several famous weddings have been organised by the actress, including DJ Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali's fairy tale wedding in January 2017.

Sophie Ndaba Children

Sophie Ndaba and her ex-husband Themba Ndaba have two children, Rudo and Lwandle. After her sister, Tiny Mphasane, died over 25 years ago, she adopted her niece, Shallon Ndaba.

Sophie Ndaba Business

Sophie is a successful businesswoman in addition to her acting abilities on screen. She founded Sophla Media, a production firm that produces road shows for Top Brands, as well as reality TV shows, magazine shows, and small and large screen movies.

The beauty is also a wedding planner, which she started because her wedding was not properly planned and she saw a need and an opportunity to establish her own business. Every year, she prepares roughly five weddings.

Sophie Ndaba Awards

Her great work on screen has seen her get the recognition that she deserves.
2012 - Sunday Times Next Generation Brand Survey Awards as Coolest TV Female Star 
2010 - You Magazine Award for Favorite Actress 
2009 - Golden Horn Award for Best comic Actor 
2006 - Kellogs Star in You Kids Award for Favorite soap Actress 
2003 - Duku Duku Award Best Soap Actress Award 

Sophie Ndaba Charity

Sophie Ndaba enjoys giving back to the community and has been active in a variety of charitable endeavors throughout the years. Abraham Kriel Children's Home, Mndeni Children's Home, Reach for a Dream, and Cancer Shavathon are among the beneficiaries.

All of this labor motivated her to start her own charity, The "Sophie Foundation of Hope." Its primary goal is to raise finances to ensure that orphanages are attractive and well-maintained houses. This was also influenced by her own experience growing up in an orphanage. She is someone who wishes to continue to assist the advancement of women and children.

Sophie Ndaba House

Sophie Ndaba's husband purchased her dream home in April of this year. He shared a photo of their new mansion on Instagram.

“It's such a great feeling as a Man to buy your Wife her dream Home. She said "this is where I want to live" this is the house I want. I obliged. She deserves it!! Anything for my amazing Wife. She treats Me like a King after all,” he wrote.

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