Thando Hopa chats about working with Whoopi Goldberg

The model and lawyer chats about being the first South African featured in the prestigious calendar 

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Thando Hopa chats about working with Whoopi Goldberg

The calendar which dates back to 1963, is known and highly acclaimed for its limited availability. Every year, it is given as a corporate gift to a restricted number of Pirelli customers and celebrities. 

The publication is a big deal in the pop culture world and it is also considered an honor to be asked to either photograph that year's story or feature in the story as a model and this year, that honor was bestowed upon South African model (and lawyer), Thando Hopa. 

Thando Hopa Pirelli calendar 2017/2018

She featured in an Alice in Wonderland themed shoot alongside the likes of Diddy, Naomi Campbell and Whoopi Goldberg (whom Hopa admittedly fangirled over).

Diddy Naomi Campbell Pirelli calendar 2017

Speaking to Graeme Richards on SABC 3 morning show, Expresso, Hopa explained "it did make me feel special because I knew the purpose of it and the purpose was to speak about possibilities and images - not belonging to [a specific] group of people but belonging to everybody... possibilities belonging to everyone and that is what 'Alice in Wonderland' was about."

Thando Hopa expresso sabc 3

When asked who she enjoyed working with most, Hopa said "I connected with Whoopi, because Whoopi really... she represented so much of what I wanted in myself, you know? Humility. Authenticity. She had the boldness to be herself. You know, I've been watching her movies since I was young, all the way from Sarafina."

Thando Hopa chats about working with Whoopi Goldberg

"We had the most beautiful experience you know. I just held her and I hugged her because she was just that much of a role model to me," she added.  

Thando Hopa Whoopi Goldberg Pirelli calendar 2017

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