MacG Gains More Than 10k Subscribers

He keeps winning...

By  | Feb 10, 2021, 08:47 AM  | Thando "Thabooty" Thabethe  | Top of The

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Controversial podcaster, MacGyver Mukwevho of Podcast and Chill with MacG is still trending and has proven that there’s no such thing as bad publicity as he’s gained over 10k subscribers since he’s lost his Old Mutual sponsorship.

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MacG might be cancelled for offending the LGTIBQ community last month but his fan base is increasing dramatically since. Fans of the DJ believe that he is the future because he’s way better than traditional radio stations and radio hosts. They also love his authenticity, his rawness, his honesty which has sometimes gotten him in hot water. Some tweeps have even compared him to Zola 7 back in the days.
While MacG has apologised for his homophobic comments on his podcast, he’s also called out certain ZAlebs who cancelled him, such as Thando Thabethe. 
The former YFM DJ mocked Thabethe for cancelling him and took a jab at Thabethe’s podcast which has less than 3k subscribers while Podcast and Chill with MacG has over 120k subscribers and growing.
He’s also slammed Thabethe for her inability to convince her millions of followers on her social media to subscribe to her podcast and told her to stick to posting nudes on Instagram.
It all started when Thabethe took to Twitter to call out MacG:
“Discrimination in the guise of being “raw & unfiltered wish I could unsee that MacG podcast. Disgusted!”

Then MacG  fired back and said:

“What is Thando Thabethe doing? I ran across her podcast numbers the other day. I wish I could unsee that. It’s horrible. Black Friday does better numbers. It shows nobody wants to hear what she is gonna say. Just take your nudes and post them on Instagram, nobody wants to hear what you say. ”
MacG’s co-podcasters, Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady added: “She has more Twitter followers than Aston Villa yet she is failing to get numbers on her Podcast.”

Then MacG said: “We should have seen this coming. She is a scam.” 
Here are some responses to MacG's podcast growth:
“I already subscribed to MacG’s podcast, the best podcast in Africa #macg" 
“S/O Macg for holding it down and inspiring other podcast enthusiast like us... But on the real, podcasts are the future, the content is real, its straight and is confrontational.”
"Only knew about the guy when he was trending about GBV previous week, went to watched him on YouTube and to be honest, these Mother [email protected]&kers are so dam good, love him. These guys are real and way better than these traditional radio stations.”
“no.1 podcast in SA. Don’t be a Mabena subscribe and become a chiller.”
“I didn’t know there is such a raw out of this world content Kasi style. I;m hooked.”

“1st time I watched #MacG. I subscribed. He’s brilliant.”
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