MacG, Sol And The Ghost Lady Issue Apologies

The next episode will seek to teach people about the LGBTQI community

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Podcaster, DJ and the face of popular YouTube channel Podcast & Chill, MacG has issued out an apology for his very homophobic and transphobic episode which saw him losing out one of his big sponsors.

The episode was deemed distasteful by many who are not part of the LGBTQI+ communities, however call themselves allies. Together with the team which includes Sol Phenduka, Ghost Lady and MacG, saw an intriguing conversation ensuing amongst them as they discussed various topics including Somizi's alleged rocky marriage drama, the SAFTA's, and Siv Ngesi transformation into drag.

The terms used to describe transgenders did not land well with many people and they received a lot of backlash. Words such as ‘shemale,’ and ‘women with d*ck’ were totally inappropriate hence the cancel culture being used effectively. Even Rami Chuene slammed the podcast and she even asked them to take down her two episodes from the podcast. 

Their apology reads as follow:

 “During the show a few remarks were made by our host, co-host and the ghost lady which we acknowledge were very homophobic, transphobic and very distasteful. Podcast & Chill is a very light platform that is filled with laughter and the intention is to always entertain, however this does not justify our conduct, our chillers and our clients and business partners.

“The LGBTQI+ community faces enormous challenges and violence in our societies. The hate, unfair treatment and judgement are but a few issues that the LGBTQI+ community faces. As people of influence we oath to be very careful on how we use the influence we have not to promote any kind of mistreatment and derogatory statements or slur to anyone regardless of their sexual orientation. We do take complete responsibility and accountability for being insensitive, ignorant and offensive. 

“Out of this experience, we have been able to learn and educate ourselves about social issues and to know where we must draw the line from what is expressed as a joke and when a ‘joke’ infringes upon someone else’s freedom. As people we all learn from our mistakes and accept every kind of criticism, take accountability and use the situation as a lesson. 

“On the next episode of the Podcast and Chill will be dedicated at teaching society about issues of the LGBTQI+ community to also educate others who may have not seen any offense from our choices.”

We sincerely hope they will do better next time!
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