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They say that they are just two girls who play pop music. But really, The Arrows have proved to be so much more than that. With their quirky lyrics and retro playful fashion, the girls are unconventional yet easily captivating. They have a unique boldness about them. They have recorded at a studio in NYC and then toured all through the star struck cities of the States, from New York to LA to Chicago and Detroit. Their latest video, Spin My World Around brings all that street cred right back home to the east coast of SA. Shot on location of the Durban beach promenade, the video gives you an artistically unusual perception of Durban. 

We chatted to Pam from The Arrows on the making of DJ Kent's latest music video Spin My World Around featuring the group

1. How did the idea/concept for the music video come about?

It was not really our baby this time to get the video done. Unlike Disaster Queen which was a huge budget/cast video that we shot for our new album Disaster Queen the Spin my World video was very low key for us.  Kent's manager sent us the video options and of all the concepts. We felt that this one with the topsy turvy, upside downside, dreamy feeling was right for the song.

2. What are the creative processes involved in making a video?

Videos have to reflect the attitude of the song. In a way, a video is the visual version of the audio. So it can be as simple or as complicated creatively as the meaning of the song demands. It will require working closely with the producers and directors to make sure the right feeling comes through in the narrative or the performance.

3. How long did it take to shoot the video?

I think the Spin my World video took a full day from sunrise to sunset. 

4. Did you get a stylist for the video?

The Arrows do all our own styling

5. How does it feel to have made Durban beach front look so arty and retro?

It was a proud Durban moment for us to see our city looking so cool! And to think this video has been play listed on MTV UK and it was shot in little ol' Durban is pretty crazy. 

6. What goes on behind the scenes that viewers are unaware of?

Nothing is ever what it seems!  Like, after doing that scene in the vintage bird bath that looks really slick and arty, my clothes STANK of wee from all the homeless people having wee'd around that area. There...its gross but you got to do what you got to do.

I think you really hope to make an impact on the internet more than anything. You want the Youtube hits to really go crazy when putting a video out. 

 We were more influenced by photography for all the ideas for the topsy turvy world came from different still images sourced online.



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