Prayers Pour In For Thenjiwe Moseley

"The pain is too much"

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Prayers are continuing to pour in for comedian Thenjiwe Moseley whose popularly known as Judge Thenjiwe Khambule.

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The comedian and actress recently lost her brother, she took to her Facebook to ask for prayers during this difficult time.

Thenjiwe could not attend her brother’s funeral, she said this is the hardest decision she had to make.

“So losing my brother feels like I lost my own child and the most painful thing is not being able to come home for his burial. I am in England and SA is on the red list of countries which means when I return I would have to stay in a quarantined hotel for 10 days at a cost of £1,750 (about R34,425) x two if I travel with my son. I had to make the hard decision to prioritize him getting a decent send-off rather than me traveling home.”

She said she feels like a piece of her has been taken away and she needs prayers.

“I hardly ever share my personal pains but this time I really need your prayers bahlali. I am struggling to cope. The pain is too much, I feel like a piece of me has been removed. Last Friday, I lost my brother and he was laid to rest yesterday. When our mother was called to be with the Lord, all my siblings were in primary school (a 10-year gap between me and my immediate sister) so as a big sister I had to take over and be the mother with the help of our maternal grandmother, uMadlamini.”
Thenjiwe said she wishes that her grandmother was around to comfort her. Speaking about her grandmother, she said she endured the passing of her daughter (Thenjiwe’s mother).

She said: “I wish my grandmother was still alive so she could comfort me but at the same time I am happy she did not have to feel the pain of burying her daughter’s son. She lived with the pain of losing my mother (her first-born daughter) for the rest of her life. My mother died in a car accident but my grandmother asked herself every day what she could have done to stop the accident.

“Gogo felt guilty, she felt like a failure. My brother died because a lung collapsed and I feel so guilty, I feel like I failed him. I keep asking myself what I have done wrong to deserve this much pain. I do my best to do right by others and to support where I can. I wish I had been given the option to give him my own lung. To everyone who has ever lost a sibling, duduzekani, now I know the pain. It’s a deep pain.”

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