Comedian - Thenjiwe Moseley is fed up with audiences who are cheapskates

Thenjiwe calls out fans who are always asking for free tickets

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Thenjiwe Moseley  | Drama

Thenjiwe Moseley

The actress and comedian is really fed up with people asking for free handouts when it comes to her hustle. 

Thenjiwe, who recently joined the cast of Imbewu is one comedian that is known to not mince her words and her latest plea to the public is exactly why she's loved so much.

By now, we all know how difficult it is to work in the entertainment industry, jobs are either scarce or uncertain, and you're as good as you're last performance when it comes to working in this profession.

Another difficult thing about being an entertainer is that pay-cheques are sometimes hard to come by so when you ask an entertainer for a free ticket, it really is the equivalent of you requesting that they perform for free and Thenjiwe is not about that life.


The comedian recently released a video asking for people to kindly refrain from asking her for free tickets as that is not how she runs her business.

"Sanibonani, there is just one thing I would like to explain. Please stop asking us for free tickets; comedy is not a joke if you want to support us, buy tickets and come to our shows. Coming to a show and asking for a free ticket is not supporting me. I also have bills, just like you have a career, comedy is my career, that's how I make a career," said Thenjiwe.

She further stated that as comedians they are the ones that do this to entertain and bring laughter to the public when they need it the most, so it is only fair that the public goes out there and purchase tickets if they really want to see her and other comedians perform.

She then made an interesting analogy about how people from certain professions do not get asked to provide services for free.

"...we don't come to your job, to a mortuary and ask you to give us dead bodies. Policemen, we never request for you to give us criminals. So please, do support us by buying tickets, do not support us by just arriving there to ask us for free tickets. What you guys are doing is similar to shoplifting, if you're working at a furniture shop and I ask you to give me couches for free, you would be so shocked. So please support us the right way."

Main Image credit: Instagram/@ThenjiweComedy