Thishiwe Ziqubu: The real fitness MVP

We take the time to appreciate Thishiwe Ziqubu's ultimate fitness goals

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Thishiwe the real fitness mvp

There are a lot of celebrity gym bunnies out there, but none is as inspiring as actress, Thishiwe Ziqubu.

Social media is inundated with a lot of fitness junkies out there, people who inspire you to get off that couch and start burning that winter fat.

One of those people is actress/writer Thishiwe Ziqubu.

Thishiwe has always been praised for her impeccable acting on many of her film and series projects but it’s also her sheer focus and passion for fitness that has made her an admirable woman to follow.

In the month of July, Thishiwe has been promoting a fitness campaign titled The #PhlyJuly challenge, aimed at setting healthy goals and smashing them out the park within 30 days.

One thing we appreciate about this challenge is that Thishiwe is the prime example of how the #PhlyJuly challenge can make a person a better version of themselves.

Here are a few reasons why we think Thishiwe is the ultimate fitness MVP of the month.

She can teach you a thing or two about those thrust-over push ups

Stretching has never looked so sexy at the gym

As my girl @lex_lafoy would put it 'flexa chom yam' #ngonyamaforce #flex @365functionaltraining

A photo posted by Thishiwe Ziqubu (@thishiwe) on

Side punches and sumo squat combination

And that's why when it's time to show off on the red carpet, Thishiwe makes sure she stays winning.

Thishiwe Ziqubu

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