Thuso Mbedu Thanks Fans For Underground Railroad Success

"Thank you to the South Africans who showered me with love"

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Thuso Mbedu is currently enjoying the success of her series, The Underground Railroad. Although released last year, the success of the limited series, really left the star mesmerised.

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Thuso penned a heartwarming letter to her fans, thanking them for making the series the success that it is. "A year ago The Underground Railroad dropped…It is a project that I will always hold dear in my heart. I will always celebrate every single person involved in creating this story."

Thuso then went on to thank everybody who was involved in the series, from production, to writing, to make-up and costume designers, the list is endless.

She then thanked the photographers for doing a stellar job capturing them, "Special shout-out to our unit photographers @jimagraphy and @kylebonokaplan for capturing the essence of who we were when telling this story"

But she could not forget her fans in SA, especially for creating a dance routine in her name, "Thank you to the South Africans who showered me with love and support and danced along to a dance challenge and made it a Thuso Mbedu Day situation. Oh goodness. (I still blush at the thought of it). Thank you to everyone else who received this gift with kindness and an open heart."

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Thuso's next project is with veteran actress Viola King for the film called The Woman King. Also joining them is John Boyega and many acts in Mzansi. These include Seputla Sebogodi.

Speaking about the film on her IGTV, Thuso said the film is worth the watch, “The show is going to be worth watching, I promise you. And then woman King (screams). I found out about the project in 2019 right. It was like just at the beginning. We had just started shooting Underground Railroad. 

"We were shooting in Georgia right then I went to LA for a short break and I was just taking general meetings. And I went to meet Viola David and her husband’s production company. And they had just told me about this project.

"It is set in the 1800s in Africa and it’s based on real-life events of women warriors. I am excited to be part of the story because we are telling stories about Africa.”

In an interview with W Magazine Thuso said the fighting scenes have proven to be difficult but she is working extremely hard to master them. She told the magazine that she wants it to appear as natural as possible.

“I want my fighting skills to be somewhere in the vicinity of my performance skills. With the performance, I do all the preparation, and then sort of stow it away and let it live in the moment. I want to get the fighting to a place where it would also come as naturally as possible.”

“Because I’m so tiny, my character has to have a lot of speed. I have to be very fast and agile. Apparently, it wouldn’t be believable that I could potentially punch a person and they’d fall down,” she told the publication, adding that she begs to differ.

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