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Through all her hardships, she still has strength to soldier on.

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Tiisetso Mona Monyane is a South African actress and theatre director.

She is well known for her role on Muvhango as DR Nthabeleng Molapo, James Motsamai's girlfriend. Since she got on to our TV screens, she's become one of Mzansi's actresses and the fans love her craft. 

One would ask, how she does it all, how she gets all the strength to keep going after all the pain she's had to endure in her life. She is such brave woman and she faces all her challenges with grace. 

Here's a look at Mona Monyane's life.


Mona was born on the 16th of May 1990 in Harare, Zimbabwe. She grew up in Katlehong, east of Joburg and later moved to Pretoria.
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Mona was born to exiled South African activists parents. Her parents were in exile during the struggle against apartheid. 


She attended the University of Pretoria where she obtained herself a degree in Drama.


She married seasoned actor Khulu Skenjana in 2016. Together they have two beautiful daughters. Their first daughter, Ase-Ahadi Skenjana was born August 2016 and they welcomed their second baby girl, Amani-Amaza Wamazulu Skenjana on the 16th of November 2017. 

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The couple has done nothing, but share all the beautiful moments that they have had together.

However, sometimes things get so difficult in a marriage and the couple may take the decision to part ways. Mona recently just shared that she and Khulu have parted ways. Both her and Khulu have asked that their separation not be sensationalised especially by the media. They ask for privacy.


She began her acting career in 2012. Mona is well known for her role of Dr. Nthabeleng Molapo on SABC 2 soapie opera, Muvhango. When she appeared on Muvhango it was an undeniable fact that the proudly African actress was set for greatness in the world of acting. Her talent is hard to forget, this includes her beauty as well.

Although she began her acting career not so long ago, she has managed to attract the attention of many viewers with her craft in acting. In 2017, she along with Pearl Thusi, she was cast in the feature film Kalushi: The Story of Solomon Mahlangu.

Interesting enough, although Mona may be passionate about acting, she once  admitted that if she was not an actress she would've settled for a career in being a psychologist.

In 2018, she made a huge comeback onto Mzansi's television screens. The actress took to social media announcing that she was set to make a debut on Skeem Saam as Lindiwe Baloyi, playing the role of a Road Accident Fund consultant.

Mona Monyane Struggles

We all go through different things in life and sometimes, loss is one of those things, which is probably the most painful experience anyone has to go through. Mona Monyane is no stranger to loss and grief.

Mona tragically lost her newborn seven days after she was born. When she had revealed that she was pregnant with her second child, she had received a lot of backlash from the public and she was targeted by trolls who accused her of falling pregnant "too soon" after giving birth to her first child.

During an interview she revealed that she decided to keep the loss of her second child away from the public because of the negativity that had initially surrounded the pregnancy. 

"What I haven't made public is the death of my second child and I chose not to because...the pregnancy was under so much criticism and I found myself having to defend one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever experienced, which is motherhood," she said.

Skenjane went on to say that although the death of her second child was sudden. Imagine losing someone that had been growing inside of you for nine months.  Something that she did not understand and kept asking God, why.

She even took time off social media just to grieve the loss of her baby and heal. She penned a message to her followers to let them know of her decision.

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Mona might have underestimated the extent of her pain of losing a child, hence her decision to stay away from all the noise. 


Before the fame, our celebrities were once just ordinary people, living normal lives, which meant that manoeuvring around a shopping centre was literally a walk in the park, however, fame has changed it all and it is hard to be in a public space without being bombarded by fans.

Mona Monyane came out to express her distaste about the expectations that people have of her because she is a public figure. There is more to fame than what meets the eye.

Beyond the glitz and the glam are sacrifices that have been done to get to the top, and it’s no easy ride as your private life is then stripped down for public scrutiny in the process. However,  there are certain things that Monyane feels she did not sign up for and is not willing to take.

Sometimes, when fans see their faves, they want to either take a picture or get their fave's autograph. Mona had such an incident, but this fan actually interrupted her whilst she was having a conversation with someone else. She took to social media to show her frustration.

Mona House

Mona seemed to have it all. A beautiful family, beautiful house, and her career was going in the right direction. With all the loses she's had in her life, one would probably say she's had enough, but when it rains, it pours.

The actress shared a tragic video of her house engulfed in flames and another of it completely destroyed by the fire. Mona just stood there helpless and there was nothing she could do, but she was glad for making it out alive.

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Mona Campaign

Actress Mona Monyane is passionate about helping people prioritise their health as she's doing the same too. During a recent interview on Newzroom Afrika, Mona spoke about how she's dedicated her life to helping people make their health their number one priority. She is doing this through her #PowerOfWellness campaign.
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Mona says after the loss of her baby she realised that her health is important and she wants others to take care of themselves too. 

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