TNS Gushes About Fatherhood

He is a proud daddy!

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TNS seems to be enjoying parenthood and it definitely shows. He recently gushed over his 4-month-old son on social media, saying how proud he is to be his father.

It is evident that the producer has been going through the most and fame had gotten to him, however his son Phupholethu  has been his strength through it all.

He had taken to Instagram to bash an alleged group of people from Durban who are out to take all his hard earned music and eventually kill him.

He has since apologised for making such shocking accusations. The recording artist and club DJ says his son's smile lifts his spirits up.

"He is a source of my joy. I can't define the kind of love I have for him. I named him Phupho because he is part of what I dream.

"He is still young so he cannot speak. But through him I understand a baby language. Sometimes he would be looking at me with the eyes that say 'daddy, everything will be alright. I love you." And then I'd regain strength and hope. He is really my blessing. He gives me the reason to live and work hard," he gushed.

Speaking to DRUM magazine he also details how his son has gave his life meaning; "My child has me a lot. Before, I would spend my money on me and live the way I wanted. My time wasn't controlled, infact nothing was controlled."
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