Top Mainstream Rappers Who Rap In English

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One of the predicaments that South African hip-hop artists often find themselves in is having to decide on a language that they wish to express themselves in.

Spitting bars in vernac has been on the rise in the local hip-hop fraternity, with the likes of Kwesta, K.O, Cassper (to name just a few), currently leading the pack.

However, there is also another language that some of our favourite rappers have preferred as their prerogative – English. These selected few artists have proven that English can be used as a medium to express themselves, especially in a much diverse country like South Africa that is currently in its heritage month, with English being one of the eleven official languages in Mzansi.

Below is a list of prolific rappers in South Africa that have stuck to their guns by choosing to express themselves in a language that is not so foreign to them and their reality.

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AKA is not oblivious to the fact vernac is considered to be a route that rappers must follow in order to appeal to the masses, however, the rapper is not fazed at all, with lyrics such as: “Who went platinum without a vernac record”?

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Nasty C has always maintained that he felt more comfortable expressing himself in English, even from way back in high school. He is adamant that he is fluent in IsiZulu; he, however, believes he articulates himself more freely and strongly in English.

More like his fellow rapper, Nasty C, Reason feels more comfortable rapping in English.

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Even though Stogie has rapped in vernacular a few times in his illustrious music career, his records are mostly in English.

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In one of his records, he goes: “I have to make these raps commercially viable”. Even though he does not go into detail as to how he plans on executing this plan, the rapper is still somehow aware of what one has to give in order to achieve commercial success, however, Shane is still standing by his truth and chooses to express it the best way he knows how.

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