Trevor Noah's American domination

The comedian was definitely born a winner

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Trevor Noah comments on the Royal Wedding

For some, it's kind of painful to watch Trevor Noah win.

But for many South Africans, he represents the dream, money, fame and now, being part of a school curriculum. Yep, you read that right. Mr. Born A Crime's autobiography about him growing up in Apartheid South Africa has landed in the curriculum of a number of New Jersey high schools. Wild. 

Speaking to the LA Times, the comedian shared how his book being taught in schools is giving lessons not only on him but the make-up of South Africa. "Part of it is South Africa’s story, part of it is my family’s story, my mother’s story, the lessons she taught me. Then, obviously, my interpretation of the world I was raised in. It’s most beautiful to me because of why they’re using the book. I do think the lessons we learned in apartheid South Africa are stories that apply to the world." 

Which fave of yours can say that they're life story is being taught in America? Huh? Congratulations to Trevor.

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