Tshepi Vundla on ditching the party scene for motherhood

The transition has led the stylist into a happier space.

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Tshepi Vundla

Stylist and social media influencer Tshepi Vundla has been gushing over her son since announcing his arrival late last year, and now nine months later, she finally lets us in on how giving birth to her first child changed her life.

Motherhood was a drastic transition for Tshepi as she never thought she’d be flipping to the motherhood chapter in 2017. In an interview with The Throne, Tshepi revealed that letting go of the party life helped her process things from a different perspective.

“I think me partying all the time clouded my judgement a bit. So being home really gave me the opportunity to think a lot and reflect on the people I wanted around me, the direction I wanted for my life and parts I needed to let go of,”  she said.

Tshepi Vundla and JR have the cutes little family.

Tshepi went on to add that becoming a mother meant that she couldn’t dress like a baddie anymore and that has led her to have fun with fashion. It's not just her style that has changed, the manner in which she handles social media is also different.

“I used to be a person that blocked people. It took me a while not to respond, but I had to learn because brands are always watching me. I recently had a chat with Mimi (style influencer) and Mawe (her sister) about it, and because of the chapter I’m in, in my life right now, I decided to unblock everyone. I literally had over 800 people blocked on Twitter and I unblocked each and every one of them." 

Like most influencers, putting your private life on social media is subject to public scrutiny and for Tshepi, the scrutiny has been on her son and she is focused on the happiness that she has beyond social networks.

“I think the only negativity right now is regarding my son. It still hurts sometimes, but I look at my life and I’m truly so happy. I’ve cut some people out of my life, I don’t party as much as I used to, life is completely different…”

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